- Added remaining time next pool

- Fix some bugs


- Fix error "bad time collected" at collect food

- Please click one more times if the item not collect yet

- Fix some error mission breeding

Items in heroic race
This tool help you collect gold from habitat. If you see error, please login by session get frome here
By the way, if you can use this function, you can get 15m gold per submit with function Gold. Check it at Navigation Bar

This tool help you grow food and collect it, instantly. You need to make at less 1 food farm empty. More food farm empty, this item will be collect faster.

Collect this item by feeding your dragon. Let's sure this: You have to make 1 slot empty in hatchery and habitat to use this function.. You will lost about 10k food with 1 click. It too small, right?

You need fight battle encounter. With this tool, you mot need to wait to fight. It will help win all battle instantly. Perfect!!

This item so difficult to collect. You need have enough times and it need so long time to cooldown. I think you need buy times fight by gem before use this function.

This item too easy to collect. You have to make 1 make 1 slot empty in hatchery and habitat too, and use this function to collect this item until enough items.

This item easy. Besides you have to make 1 make 1 slot empty in hatchery and habitat, you need to make 1 breeding mount empty and have 2 terra dragon free in your habitat. 2 terra dragon must be over lv 4.

Hmmm. I can not know what do you want to fight what Quest. So, you have to do it by yourself. ^.^!